Occurrence record: Patterson-Australia:23586

Human observation of 'Goniomonas' elongata


Data resource Ocean Biogeographic Information System
Institution Supplied institution code "ICoMM-Microscope"
Catalogue number 23586
Basis of record Human observation
Supplied basis "O"
More details http://starcentral.mbl.edu/microscope/portal.php?pagetitle=taxonfactsheet&type=organism&taxon=Goniomonas pacifica
License other
Occurrence status present
Collection Code Patterson-Australia
Abcd identification qualifier Not provided



Scientific name 'Goniomonas' elongata
Supplied scientific name "Goniomonas pacifica"
Taxon rank species
Kingdom Chromista
Phylum Cryptophyta
Class Katablepharidophyceae
Order Katablepharidales
Family Katablepharidaceae
Genus ‘Goniomonas’
Species ‘Goniomonas’ elongata
Taxonomic issues No issues
Name match metric Higher taxon match
The match is based on the higher level classification.
Name parse type wellformed
Name according to Larsen & Patterson, 1990


Latitude -23.507999420166
Longitude 152.910003662109
Geodetic datum EPSG:4326
Coordinate precision Unknown
Distance outside expert range 0.0
Biome Marine

Additional properties

dataset name MICROBIS database
rights holder MICROBIS database

User flagged issues 

User Assertion Status:

    Data quality tests

    Test name Result
    Occurrence status assumed to be present Warning
    Name not in national checklists Warning
    Geodetic datum assumed WGS84 Warning
    Basis of record not supplied Passed
    Basis of record badly formed Passed
    Missing catalogue number Passed
    Data are generalised Passed
    Name not supplied Passed
    Name not recognised Passed
    Invalid scientific name Passed
    Decimal coordinates not supplied Passed
    Coordinates are transposed Passed
    Coordinates are out of range for species Passed
    Supplied coordinates are zero Passed
    Zero latitude Passed
    Zero longitude Passed
    Habitat incorrect for species Passed
    Location not supplied Passed
    Country inferred from coordinates Passed
    Supplied coordinates centre of state Passed
    Coordinates centre of country Passed
    Missing geodetic datum Passed
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